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If it might be a stroke, call 9-1-1

Even if you’re not sure, you need to call an ambulance


Pediatric Stroke

A stroke is caused by the interruption of normal flow of blood to the brain, either by a blockage or a rupture in the blood vessels. When...

Leisure and Recreation after Stroke

Engaging in activities that you enjoy can help structure your day after stroke. Leisure activities refresh the mind, the body and the...

How to Be Prepared for your Next Appointment

Make the Most of Your Upcoming Appointment with these Tips that can be used with any Health Practitioner! By: Taylor Devlin, Stroke...

Tips to Prevent Future Stroke and Transition to Healthy Eating

With all the nutritional information available nowadays, it can be difficult to navigate all the sources and find which ones are...

6 ways peer support can improve your health

From reassurance to practical tips, you can learn a lot from someone who’s been there When Lori Beaver had a stroke in her 40s, she was...

Make the most of your virtual healthcare appointment

Telemedicine works best when you’re prepared. These 12 tips show you how. Many healthcare providers have increased virtual care during...

News release: ASA no longer recommended to prevent first stroke, heart disease

New advice could affect millions of Canadian adults taking ASA without being directed to (Ottawa) — A new Heart & Stroke guideline...

Meet your Stroke Navigator

Jannick Thériault is the Stroke Navigator covering in-person visits in the Greater Moncton and Saint John region. She will be offering...

Coronavirus, heart disease and stroke

Updates and precautions for people living with heart disease or stroke

How exercise can help stroke recovery

Stroke survivor Kevin Duffy finds physical activity builds his strength and spirit. A new resource helps more Canadians get those benefits

If it might be a stroke, call 9-1-1

Even if you’re not sure, you need to call an ambulance

Fighting back against stroke

Lalita found the helping hand she needed in the Heart & Stroke Community of Survivors







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