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Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Website

The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery is a joint initiative of Heart & Stroke and Canada’s top stroke recovery research centres. It brings together leaders in the stroke recovery research community in Canada, who collaborate with scientists and clinicians around the world.
The website provides tools and resources for both clinicians and patients. In addition, the website has a newsletter and information on research and studies that people can volunteer for.


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Patient Caregivers

The Stroke Navigation community poster contains information about our program and contact information

Stroke Navigation Community Poster

Download the toolkit to help you put together healthy meals every night of the week.

Healthy Meal Planning Toolkit

Position Statement

Vegetable & Fruit Consumption & Heart Disease & Stroke

Heart & Stroke has resources to help you prevent heart disease and stroke, promote heart and brain health, and support recovery.

Health Resources Flyer

Guidelines for Community Based Exercise Programs for People with Stroke

Exercise & Wellness videos for People with Mobility Challenges

Policy Statement

Addressing Cardiac Arrest in Canada

Position Statement

Dietary sodium, Heart disease & Stroke

Your guide to efficient and effective virtual healthcare sessions

Virtual Healthcare Checklist

Ensuring equitable, sustainable, and quality virtual healthcare for all people in Canada

Virtual Healthcare Position Statement

How to communicate with healthcare providers about preventing heart disease

Talking to your Doctor

Sugar - Heart Disease & Stroke




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